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Digital health built for trucking.

The only trucking specific health benefit designed to lower your company’s healthcare, work comp, and turnover costs.

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Traditional health benefits weren't built for your drivers' lifestyle

Let’s face it… Traditional digital health was built for someone who works in a cubicle and handed to your employees as an after-thought. They don’t understand your drivers’ lifestyle, the culture of the industry, or speak our language.

This creates a huge engagement problem, where most health benefits go unused.

And when no one uses them, your money is wasted and your employees’ health continues to spiral.

Your people deserve a health benefit that was built for them. One they will actually want to use.

Your company deserves benefits that actually get uses and produce an ROI.

Offshift is the only digital health company built for life on the road.

We understand how difficult is can be for drivers to prioritize their health. From long days behind the wheel to sleeping in a different part of the country, the odds are stacked against them (and your company’s bottom line).


Your company needs a solution that understands trucking. Your employees need a solution that understands their lifestyle.

We work with entire supply chain – on the road, in the office, at the shop or warehouse.

A personalized program

Your employees get a customized plan the helps them incorporate healthier habits, such as being more physically active or eating healthier, into their lifestyle. They lose weight and feel more energized with a program that fits their needs

Dedicated 1-on-1 support

Each member partners with a health coach that understands their health and their lifestyle. Connect via text, phone call, or our app to ask questions, set goals, and more.

Easy to implement plan

With Offshift’s app, your employees can improve their health anytime, anywhere. Their plan will be designed so they don’t take a lot of time and perfectly fit into each person’s daily routine.

See What Our Partners Are Saying:

As a leader at Highway Transport, I can confidently say that Offshift has been a fantastic partner for us. From the administrative side, their team has been incredibly proactive, responsive, and easy to collaborate with. They're not afraid to embrace our ideas and even tailor their systems to accommodate our specific needs. But the benefits go beyond just the administrative aspects.

As a personal user of Offshift, I've had a truly positive experience with my assigned coach. The workouts and tasks they provide are manageable and keep me feeling motivated without getting overwhelmed. Overall, Offshift has been a valuable asset for Highway Transport, and I highly recommend them to any company looking for a great wellness partner."
Michelle Rayfield
Highway Transport Managing Director Of HR

On average, truck drivers have...

Offshift helped me get back to my doctor for a physical and blood work. It had been 10 years since the last time I was there!” 

Durham H.

Offshift member

See What The Former President of The American Trucking Associations Has To Say:

“Offshift has built a “how to” roadmap for health and wellness finally making it possible for the 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States to get and stay healthy. Truck driver health and wellness today remains a tier one industry priority as it has for decades. Healthy drivers mitigate risk, increase productivity, and guarantee commitments to safety while delivering our critical goods. Simply stated, an industry on duty for America 24/7/365 needs to be healthy. Offshift has created practical and proven solutions in real time for an industry that needs to solve a critical problem, today. I would recommend you kick their tires and put them to work for you!”
William Canary
William J. Canary
Former President and CEO American Trucking Associations

Turnover rates are not getting better...

"The turnover rate was at a staggering 91 percent in 2019, which means that for every 100 people who signed up to drive, 91 walked out the door." - American Trucking Associations

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Work comp claims among truck drivers are 3x higher than the national average

46% of truck drivers have some level of musculoskeletal discomfort, which is a strong early predictor of a potential injury. Research shows that 1 in 3 muskuloskeletal conditions can be prevented by regular movement.

86% of all healthcare costs in the trucking industry are directly associated to chronic diseases.

Currently, 70% of truck drivers are obese, 34% are prediabetic, and 50% lack a primary care doctor. These health issues translate into escalating costs to your bottom line.

What Drivers Are Saying:

"The program is worth every dollar. It's gotten me and several of my friends out of the truck or into the bunk to be more active. They've designed the plans for every shape, size, and weight of person! My energy levels have gone through the roof!"
Ron Butler
Offshift Member
"This is the only program I have ever had interest in and actually stuck with. Offshift is getting this old man moving and eating healthier!"
Joe M.
Offshift Member
"Offshift works. I've lost weight and it's been an awesome tool in managing my diabetes. The coaches are really there for you, they listen and arrange everything to suit your personality, so if there's an issue don't be afraid to talk to them. I highly recommend it!"
Francisco Illoldi
Offshift Member

Benefits of having healthier and happier drivers

Increased retention

Decreased health premiums

More focused employees

Less failed DOT Physicals

Decreased work comp claims

Increase employee satisfaction

Better company culture

Safer fleets

Mark T.

Offshift Member

“I love how customizable Offshift is! It’s different from any other program I’ve tried in the past. The difference is like going to JCPenney and grabbing a suit off the rack vs. going to a tailor! My only complaints are I have to buy new pants and I’m not getting my money’s worth at the all you can eat buffets”

Shelley Walker

Shelley Walker

Offshift Member, Founder/CEO Women's Trucking Federation of Canada

“Dr. Mark listened to my concerns and took baby steps helping me to regain some strength in my muscles, then slowly started to integrate exercises into my program. I still have a long way to go but I know with Mark’s help and support I’ll get there. Mark is determined to make a difference in the lives of drivers, and he already has for many.”

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