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Better health, made easier.
Anywhere, anytime.
All for free.

Ready for a fresh start? Offshift will help you get there with a personalized plan built around you and all the tools and support you need. From on the road to working in the office, our programs are built around your lifestyle.

Lose weight. Feel energized. Enjoy life off the clock.

For the entire supply chain – on the road, in the office, at the shop or warehouse

Personalized program

Get a customized health plan that fits your lifestyle anywhere you’re at. Be more physically active, eat healthier, and take advantage of the healthcare system.

Dedicated 1-on-1 support

Partner with a concierge health coach that works for you. They understand your lifestyle and work with you to achieve your goals.

Easy to implement plan

With Offshift’s app, you can improve your health anytime, anywhere. Your plan will be time efficient and fit perfectly into your current routine.

Completely Covered By Taiga

See what people think of Offshift

"I love Offshift! It’s user-friendly and easy to follow. I love that I get to spend time with my coach explaining what my goals are and having the plan tailored to my hopes and expectations! It helps me build my confidence and gives me a routine that’s easy to follow. It’s a one stop shop for health. And I can do all these exercises anywhere. You have nothing to lose, except for maybe a few pounds by using this program! Let’s get moving folks!"
Pamela R.
Offshift Member
"This is the only program I have ever had interest in and actually stuck with. Offshift is getting this old man moving and eating healthier!"
Joe M.
Offshift Member
"As a member of Offshift, I've had a truly positive experience with my coach. The workouts and tasks they provide are manageable and keep me feeling motivated without getting overwhelmed. I highly recommend you try it out!"
Michelle R.
Offshift Member

Your health is private.
Offshift was designed to protect that.

Everything you do in Offshift stays between you and your coach. No health data is shared with your employer.

Your health data shouldn’t be public. Offshift helps keep it private.

exercise at home and build healthy habits

Through Taiga, you have a personalized membership reserved and waiting for you right now!