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Dooner approves Offshift!

“Finally, a program built for truckers”

– Dooner

Help Us Change The Trucking Industry & Make It A Healthier Place To Work

What is Offshift?

Offshift is the only digital health company that was built for your life on the road.

We make health easier for truck driver. Anywhere, anytime.

Lose weight. Feel energized. Enjoy life off the clock.

Personalized Program

Receive a customize health plan the helps you be more physically active and eat healthier on the road and at home

Concierge Health Coach

Get paired with a concierge health coach, who understands your lifestyle and gives you support through the whole process

Easy To Use

With Offshift's app, you can improve your health anywhere, at anytime. Your plan will be designed to be time efficient and fit into your daily routine
"This is the only program I have ever had interest in and actually stuck with. Offshift is getting this old man moving and eating healthier!"
Joe M.
Member & OTR Driver

Help us get Offshift into your company and we'll buy you groceries for a month!

The only way to get your free access to Offshift is by introducing us to your company and helping us become an employee benefit!

Why Dooner is so passionate about helping you change your health

"I just had a very eye opening experience with my dad having a heart attack out of nowhere. His heart was 95% blocked and he had no clue about it until the heart attack happened. There are so many drivers who find themselves down a similar path with their health, but it's not too late. I want to help drivers get ahead of it so they don't end up losing their career because of their health"
What The Truck?!?

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Help Dooner, What The Truck?!?, and Offshift make the trucking industry a healthier place for everyone + get free groceries for a month!